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Enclosed below is an example of an actual originality and condition report we performed for one of our customers:

Quality Muscle Car Restorations, LLC (QMCR)

July 28, 2XXX




Dear Mr. XXXXXX:

Enclosed is my professional opinion concerning 19XX Chevrolet Corvette VIN #19SXXXXXX, White Exterior:

  1. Its engine-block build date, engine ID and VIN pad are unaltered and original to this car. It is my opinion that this is the original item installed by the General Motors factory when it was assembled.
  2. Additionally, it is my opinion that this vehicle’s, LH cylinder head, intake manifold, transmission and differential are the original item s installed by the General Motors factory when it was assembled.
  3. The distributor and carburetors have the correct date codes and ID numbers to be the correct items for an original 19XX Corvette XXXXXXX. We cannot ascertain for sure if these items are the original parts installed by the factory when it was assembled.
  4. The Body Tag located in the front area of the driver’s door jamb and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Plate located in the front LH area on the pillar post to the right of the windshield are the original items installed by the General Motors factory when this vehicle was manufactured. Both items are attached to the vehicle with the original rivets and are unaltered.
  5. At least one wheel is the original.
  6. The door glass on both sides and the rear window are the original items installed by the factory.


The following components are not the original items installed by the General Motors factory when it was assembled:

  1. Windshield. It is a generic replacement
  2. Cylinder Head, RH, Correct 840 casting date with late 1967 casting date
  3. Radiator
  4. Radiator overflow surge tank. Has 1974 date
  5. Water pump
  6. Alternator
  7. Exhaust manifolds. Have no provisions for smog tubes
  8. Master cylinder for brakes

The following items work and operate to the standard same as factory would deem acceptable:

  1. Head light doors
  2. Wiper door
  3. Both Horns
  4. Hazard lights. Switch in steering column
  5. Side marker lights
  6. Tail lights
  7. Rear license plate light
  8. Park brake
  9. Park brake warning light in dash
  10. Clock
  11. Fuel gauge
  12. Dash lights
  13. Oil Pressure gauge
  14. Amp gauge
  15. All head lights but Left outer


The following work and operate, sort of, but not 100%

  1. Backup lights. Lights stay on when they should not
  2. Radio. Sound funny. Suspect bad transistor or connection
  3. Temp gauge. Reads 25 degrees warmer than it should
  4. Interior courtesy lights


The following do not work at all

  1. Brake lights
  2. Directionals, both front and rear. Problem in steering column.
  3. Wipers. Door raises but wiper arms don’t move
  4. LF outer head light


Driving impressions and observations are follows:

  1. Engine performance was poor because of 91 octane fuel. Engine badly needs at least half of its fuel to be 110 racing fuel.
  2. Engine appears and sounds to be in good condition. It idles well considering substandard fuel and starts OK. Valve lash sounds to be correct.
  3. Cooling system is in good condition. I drove in 115 degree heat will not overheating problems.
  4. Brakes are good
  5. Car feels tight with few or no rattles
  6. Doors fit good and close easily
  7. Power windows operate nicely
  8. Trans shifts good
  9. Front alignment is needed. Steering wheel is crooked and vehicle pulled to right
  10. Body fit and finish is as good as or better than new.
  11. Interior restoration is very good.
  12. All smog equipment is missing
  13. The undercarriage is not rust pitted.
  14. This vehicle has not had a frame-off restoration. Rather an amateur like restoration whereby the frame and all other components other than the floor have been refinished with spray cans.
  15. Oil pressure is lower than I would like to see it. When engine is warmed up. Idle oil pressure is 15 lbs. My opinion is that it should be at least 30 lbs at idle. My guess is rebuilder of engine did not clearance bearings to factory tolerances.
    • If the vehicle was mine, I would install 20/50 oil with zinc additive and leave as is.


Numerous digital photos document our findings and opinion.


Attached hereto is a separate document entitled “Experience to Qualify Principles for Rendering Originality Opinions.”  This document lists QMCR’s experience and qualifications as they relate to providing the services requested by the customer and is incorporated herein by reference. Customer hereby acknowledges that QMCR is rendering its opinion based upon its examination of the aforementioned parts and any representations made by customer.


It is understood and agreed upon that QMCR shall have no liability for any opinion rendered which is based upon any information or representations provided by customer.  QMCR shall not be held liable for any negligent acts in the ordinary course of business unless those acts are the result of gross negligence of QMCR. QMCR cannot guarantee the value of the subject vehicle based upon the opinion rendered on the authenticity of the vehicle or examined parts.  QMCR makes no representations with respect to the value of the vehicle. 


In the event legal action is brought claiming a breach of this agreement, or any negligent act of the parties to this agreement, than the prevailing party in any such legal action brought in a court of competent jurisdiction shall be entitled to recover their attorneys’ fees and costs.  If any legal action is brought it shall be governed by the laws of the State of Arizona and venue shall lie in the State of Arizona.



Ward Gappa, President

Quality Muscle Car Restorations LLC

6050 East Aster Drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85254



Signed this 28th day of July, XXXX.


By:          ____________________________________




Please call me at 602-810-2039, if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.


Thank you.

Sincerely Yours:



Ward Gappa, President

Quality Muscle Car Restorations LLC

6050 East Aster Drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85254